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Virtual Physical Layer (virtualPhy)

Virtual Physical Layer Configuration Parameters

Parameter Type Description
Alias String
Debug Log Level Number Debug Level
Dependencies String Other dependencies to this element
Destination Peer Number
Event Filter String Filter of Event
Exact Match Boolean
FEC Level Number
Group Name String
Max Event Queue Size Number Maximum Queue Size
Mirror String
Name String Component Name
No Events Boolean
OS Transport Boolean Force OS based L2/L3 Layers
Passthrough Boolean High-to-Low Layer Passthrough
Queue In Size Number Maximum Queue Size for Incoming Packets
Queue Out Size Number Maximum Queue Size for Outgoing Packets
Raw Data To Inject String Data Packet to Inject
Raw Dst L2 To Inject String Destination L2 Address
Raw Dst L3 To Inject String Destination L3 Address
Raw Dst L4 To Inject String Destination L4 Address
Reassign On Load Boolean
Request Timeout Number
Save Dynamic Config Boolean
Send Acks Boolean
Show Commands Boolean Show Commands
Show Events Boolean Show Events
Watch Boolean Watch Layer
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