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SIP Layer (sip)

The SIP layer provides RFC3261: SIP: Session Initiation Protocol support. It can be placed on top of UDP, TCP, TLS and DTLS layers.

SIP Layer Configuration Parameters

Parameter Type Description
Alias String
Allow No Media Boolean
Content String Content
Content Type String MIME type of content type
DNS Instance String
Debug Log Level Number Debug Level
Dependencies String Other dependencies to this element
Destination Peer Number
Event Filter String Filter of Event
Exact Match Boolean
Max Event Queue Size Number Maximum Queue Size
Name String Component Name
No Events Boolean
Passthrough Boolean High-to-Low Layer Passthrough
Proxy String Proxy Address
Raw Data To Inject String Data Packet to Inject
Raw Dst L2 To Inject String Destination L2 Address
Raw Dst L3 To Inject String Destination L3 Address
Raw Dst L4 To Inject String Destination L4 Address
Realm String SIP Realm
Request Timeout Number
Rtp Interfaces Number Name of RTP Interfaces
Save Dynamic Config Boolean
Show Commands Boolean Show Commands
Show Events Boolean Show Events
TXT DNS Number
URL String Url Name
Watch Boolean Watch Layer

SIP Layer Real-Time Parameters

Parameter Type Description
100 Reliability Boolean SIP 100 Reliability
Allow Blocking Event Boolean Blocking Events
Allow Events Presence Boolean Presence Events under SIP
Allow Events SIP Boolean Events under SIP
Allow Registrations Boolean SIP Registrations
Allow events Msg Wait Boolean SIP Message Wait Indication
Authorization Password String SIP Authorization Password
Authorization Username String SIP Authorization Username
Auto Answer Boolean Auto answer SIP incoming Calls
Blocked Boolean Disable Component
Debug Log Level Number Debug Level
Display Name String SIP Display Name
Do Not Disturb Boolean SIP Don't answer
Escape Request Boolean Escape SIP URIs
Fancy SDP Boolean Full size SDPs
Force Authenticationon Client Registration Boolean Force SIP Authentication
Force Registration Boolean Force SIP Registration
Force Registration Flag Boolean Force SIP Registration Enabled
History Info Boolean Enable SIP History Info
ICE Support Boolean Interactive Connectivity Establishment Support
Ignore Payload Type Zero Boolean RTP Ignore Payload Type Zero
Include Display Name In Contact Boolean Add Display Name in SIP Contact Header
Include User Type Boolean Include User Type under SIP
Includer Port Boolean Include SIP Port in Requests
Keepalive Include User Part Boolean Add User Part to Keepalive
Match Payload Type Boolean Allow SIP matching of Payload Types
Media Anchor Boolean Allow SIP anchor RTP Media
Moved Temporarily Boolean Force SIP Moved Temporarily
Moved Temporarily URL String SIP URI for Moved Temporarily
Msg Method Boolean Enable SIP MESSAGE
P-Access Network Info Support Boolean SIP Access Network Info Privacy Header
P-Call Id Support Boolean SIP Call Id Privacy Header
P-Preferred Identity Support Boolean SIP Preferred Identity Header
POC Enabled Boolean SIP POC
Passthrough Boolean High-to-Low Layer Passthrough
R Instance Boolean SIP R Instance Support
Realm String SIP Realm
Register Forever Boolean Keep Registering SIP
Registration Db String SIP Registration Database
Registration Expires Number SIP Expiration
Registration Expires Flag Boolean SIP Expiration Enabled
Return to Original Port Boolean SIP Response to Original Port
SDP Mimic Boolean SIP Copy SDP
Sdp In 180 Ringing Boolean Include 180 Ringing in Sdp
Send Connection Parameter At Session Level Boolean Include c Line at Session Level
Send Route When Needed Boolean Send SIP Route Header
Server Version String SIP Server Version
Skip 1xx Boolean SIP Skip Provisional Responses
Symmetric RFC2833 Boolean SIP Symmetric RFC2833
Terminate All Calls When Deactivating Boolean Terminate All Calls when Layer goes Down
Use Compressed Headers Boolean SIP Compressed Headers
Use Original SDP Boolean SIP Use Original SDP in reINVITEs
Use Qop Single Quote Boolean QoP with Single Quote
Username String SIP Username
VoLTE Boolean Enable VoLTE compatibility
Watch Boolean Watch Layer

SIP Layer Functions

Function Type Description
call(layer,url,proxy,realm) function Place Call
getSip100Reliability(layer) getter Get “100 Reliability” Parameter
getSipAllowBlockingEvent(layer) getter Get “Allow Blocking Event” Parameter
getSipAllowEventsPresence(layer) getter Get “Allow Events Presence” Parameter
getSipAllowEventsSIP(layer) getter Get “Allow Events SIP” Parameter
getSipAllowRegistrations(layer) getter Get “Allow Registrations” Parameter
getSipAlloweventsMsgWait(layer) getter Get “Allow events Msg Wait” Parameter
getSipAuthorizationPassword(layer) getter Get “Authorization Password” Parameter
getSipAuthorizationUsername(layer) getter Get “Authorization Username” Parameter
getSipAutoAnswer(layer) getter Get “Auto Answer” Parameter
getSipBlocked(layer) getter Get “Blocked” Parameter
getSipDebugLogLevel(layer) getter Get “Debug Log Level” Parameter
getSipDestinationPeer(layer) getter Get “Destination Peer” Parameter
getSipDisplayName(layer) getter Get “Display Name” Parameter
getSipDoNotDisturb(layer) getter Get “Do Not Disturb” Parameter
getSipEscapeRequest(layer) getter Get “Escape Request” Parameter
getSipFancySDP(layer) getter Get “Fancy SDP” Parameter
getSipForceAuthenticationonClientRegistration(layer) getter Get “Force Authenticationon Client Registration” Parameter
getSipForceRegistration(layer) getter Get “Force Registration” Parameter
getSipForceRegistrationFlag(layer) getter Get “Force Registration Flag” Parameter
getSipHistoryInfo(layer) getter Get “History Info” Parameter
getSipICESupport(layer) getter Get “ICE Support” Parameter
getSipIgnorePayloadTypeZero(layer) getter Get “Ignore Payload Type Zero” Parameter
getSipIncludeDisplayNameInContact(layer) getter Get “Include Display Name In Contact” Parameter
getSipIncludeUserType(layer) getter Get “Include User Type” Parameter
getSipIncluderPort(layer) getter Get “Includer Port” Parameter
getSipKeepaliveIncludeUserPart(layer) getter Get “Keepalive Include User Part” Parameter
getSipMatchPayloadType(layer) getter Get “Match Payload Type” Parameter
getSipMediaAnchor(layer) getter Get “Media Anchor” Parameter
getSipMovedTemporarily(layer) getter Get “Moved Temporarily” Parameter
getSipMovedTemporarilyURL(layer) getter Get “Moved Temporarily URL” Parameter
getSipMsgMethod(layer) getter Get “Msg Method” Parameter
getSipNoEvents(layer) getter Get “No Events” Parameter
getSipPAccessNetworkInfoSupport(layer) getter Get “P-Access Network Info Support” Parameter
getSipPAssertedIdentitySupport(layer) getter Get “P-Asserted Identity Support” Parameter
getSipPCallIdSupport(layer) getter Get “P-Call Id Support” Parameter
getSipPOCEnabled(layer) getter Get “POC Enabled” Parameter
getSipPPreferredIdentitySupport(layer) getter Get “P-Preferred Identity Support” Parameter
getSipPassthrough(layer) getter Get “Passthrough” Parameter
getSipRInstance(layer) getter Get “R Instance” Parameter
getSipRealm(layer) getter Get “Realm” Parameter
getSipRegisterForever(layer) getter Get “Register Forever” Parameter
getSipRegistrationDb(layer) getter Get “Registration Db” Parameter
getSipRegistrationExpires(layer) getter Get “Registration Expires” Parameter
getSipRegistrationExpiresFlag(layer) getter Get “Registration Expires Flag” Parameter
getSipReturntoOriginalPort(layer) getter Get “Return to Original Port” Parameter
getSipSDPMimic(layer) getter Get “SDP Mimic” Parameter
getSipSdpIn180Ringing(layer) getter Get “Sdp In 180 Ringing” Parameter
getSipSendConnectionParameterAtSessionLevel(layer) getter Get “Send Connection Parameter At Session Level” Parameter
getSipSendRouteWhenNeeded(layer) getter Get “Send Route When Needed” Parameter
getSipServerVersion(layer) getter Get “Server Version” Parameter
getSipSkip1xx(layer) getter Get “Skip 1xx” Parameter
getSipSymmetricRFC2833(layer) getter Get “Symmetric RFC2833” Parameter
getSipTerminateAllCallsWhenDeactivating(layer) getter Get “Terminate All Calls When Deactivating” Parameter
getSipUseCompressedHeaders(layer) getter Get “Use Compressed Headers” Parameter
getSipUseOriginalSDP(layer) getter Get “Use Original SDP” Parameter
getSipUseQopSingleQuote(layer) getter Get “Use Qop Single Quote” Parameter
getSipUsername(layer) getter Get “Username” Parameter
getSipVoLTE(layer) getter Get “VoLTE” Parameter
getSipWatch(layer) getter Get “Watch” Parameter
getStatsSipAvailableInstances(layer) getter Get “Available Instances” Parameter
getStatsSipDownstreamLastPacket(layer) getter Get “Downstream Last Packet” Parameter
getStatsSipDownstreamPacketCount(layer) getter Get “Downstream Packet Count” Parameter
getStatsSipMaxDownstreamDelay(layer) getter Get “Max Downstream Delay” Parameter
getStatsSipMaxUpstreamDelay(layer) getter Get “Max Upstream Delay” Parameter
getStatsSipMeanDownstreamDelay(layer) getter Get “Mean Downstream Delay” Parameter
getStatsSipMeanUpstreamDelay(layer) getter Get “Mean Upstream Delay” Parameter
getStatsSipMinDownstreamDelay(layer) getter Get “Min Downstream Delay” Parameter
getStatsSipMinUpstreamDelay(layer) getter Get “Min Upstream Delay” Parameter
getStatsSipName(layer) getter Get “Name” Parameter
getStatsSipRateBpsDownstream(layer) getter Get “Rate Bps Downstream” Parameter
getStatsSipRateBpsUpstream(layer) getter Get “Rate Bps Upstream” Parameter
getStatsSipTimestampIn(layer) getter Get “Timestamp In” Parameter
getStatsSipTimestampOut(layer) getter Get “Timestamp Out” Parameter
getStatsSipType(layer) getter Get “Type” Parameter
getStatsSipUpstreamLastPacket(layer) getter Get “Upstream Last Packet” Parameter
getStatsSipUpstreamPacketCount(layer) getter Get “Upstream Packet Count” Parameter
getStatsSipVarianceDownstreamDelay(layer) getter Get “Variance Downstream Delay” Parameter
getStatsSipVarianceUpstreamDelay(layer) getter Get “Variance Upstream Delay” Parameter
isEventSipCallEstablished(event) event Call Established Event
isEventSipCallRinging(event) event Call Ringing Event
isEventSipCallTerminated(event) event Call Terminated Event
isEventSipEndMedia(event) event Finish Media Event
isEventSipInfo(event) event Info Event
isEventSipNewMedia(event) event New Media Event
isEventSipOptions(event) event Options Event
isEventSipRegistered(event) event Endpoint Registered Event
isEventSipReplyCode(event) event Reply Code Event
isEventSipRequest(event) event Request Event
isEventSipSubscribed(event) event Endpoint Subscription Event
setSip100Reliability(layer,value) setter Set “100 Reliability” Parameter
setSipAllowBlockingEvent(layer,value) setter Set “Allow Blocking Event” Parameter
setSipAllowEventsPresence(layer,value) setter Set “Allow Events Presence” Parameter
setSipAllowEventsSIP(layer,value) setter Set “Allow Events SIP” Parameter
setSipAllowRegistrations(layer,value) setter Set “Allow Registrations” Parameter
setSipAlloweventsMsgWait(layer,value) setter Set “Allow events Msg Wait” Parameter
setSipAuthorizationPassword(layer,value) setter Set “Authorization Password” Parameter
setSipAuthorizationUsername(layer,value) setter Set “Authorization Username” Parameter
setSipAutoAnswer(layer,value) setter Set “Auto Answer” Parameter
setSipBlocked(layer,value) setter Set “Blocked” Parameter
setSipDebugLogLevel(layer,value) setter Set “Debug Log Level” Parameter
setSipDisplayName(layer,value) setter Set “Display Name” Parameter
setSipDoNotDisturb(layer,value) setter Set “Do Not Disturb” Parameter
setSipEscapeRequest(layer,value) setter Set “Escape Request” Parameter
setSipFancySDP(layer,value) setter Set “Fancy SDP” Parameter
setSipForceAuthenticationonClientRegistration(layer,value) setter Set “Force Authenticationon Client Registration” Parameter
setSipForceRegistration(layer,value) setter Set “Force Registration” Parameter
setSipForceRegistrationFlag(layer,value) setter Set “Force Registration Flag” Parameter
setSipHistoryInfo(layer,value) setter Set “History Info” Parameter
setSipICESupport(layer,value) setter Set “ICE Support” Parameter
setSipIgnorePayloadTypeZero(layer,value) setter Set “Ignore Payload Type Zero” Parameter
setSipIncludeDisplayNameInContact(layer,value) setter Set “Include Display Name In Contact” Parameter
setSipIncludeUserType(layer,value) setter Set “Include User Type” Parameter
setSipIncluderPort(layer,value) setter Set “Includer Port” Parameter
setSipKeepaliveIncludeUserPart(layer,value) setter Set “Keepalive Include User Part” Parameter
setSipMatchPayloadType(layer,value) setter Set “Match Payload Type” Parameter
setSipMediaAnchor(layer,value) setter Set “Media Anchor” Parameter
setSipMovedTemporarily(layer,value) setter Set “Moved Temporarily” Parameter
setSipMovedTemporarilyURL(layer,value) setter Set “Moved Temporarily URL” Parameter
setSipMsgMethod(layer,value) setter Set “Msg Method” Parameter
setSipNoEvents(layer,value) setter Set “No Events” Parameter
setSipPAccessNetworkInfoSupport(layer,value) setter Set “P-Access Network Info Support” Parameter
setSipPAssertedIdentitySupport(layer,value) setter Set “P-Asserted Identity Support” Parameter
setSipPCallIdSupport(layer,value) setter Set “P-Call Id Support” Parameter
setSipPOCEnabled(layer,value) setter Set “POC Enabled” Parameter
setSipPPreferredIdentitySupport(layer,value) setter Set “P-Preferred Identity Support” Parameter
setSipPassthrough(layer,value) setter Set “Passthrough” Parameter
setSipRInstance(layer,value) setter Set “R Instance” Parameter
setSipRealm(layer,value) setter Set “Realm” Parameter
setSipRegisterForever(layer,value) setter Set “Register Forever” Parameter
setSipRegistrationDb(layer,value) setter Set “Registration Db” Parameter
setSipRegistrationExpires(layer,value) setter Set “Registration Expires” Parameter
setSipRegistrationExpiresFlag(layer,value) setter Set “Registration Expires Flag” Parameter
setSipReturntoOriginalPort(layer,value) setter Set “Return to Original Port” Parameter
setSipSDPMimic(layer,value) setter Set “SDP Mimic” Parameter
setSipSdpIn180Ringing(layer,value) setter Set “Sdp In 180 Ringing” Parameter
setSipSendConnectionParameterAtSessionLevel(layer,value) setter Set “Send Connection Parameter At Session Level” Parameter
setSipSendRouteWhenNeeded(layer,value) setter Set “Send Route When Needed” Parameter
setSipServerVersion(layer,value) setter Set “Server Version” Parameter
setSipSkip1xx(layer,value) setter Set “Skip 1xx” Parameter
setSipSymmetricRFC2833(layer,value) setter Set “Symmetric RFC2833” Parameter
setSipTerminateAllCallsWhenDeactivating(layer,value) setter Set “Terminate All Calls When Deactivating” Parameter
setSipUseCompressedHeaders(layer,value) setter Set “Use Compressed Headers” Parameter
setSipUseOriginalSDP(layer,value) setter Set “Use Original SDP” Parameter
setSipUseQopSingleQuote(layer,value) setter Set “Use Qop Single Quote” Parameter
setSipUsername(layer,value) setter Set “Username” Parameter
setSipVoLTE(layer,value) setter Set “VoLTE” Parameter
setSipWatch(layer,value) setter Set “Watch” Parameter
sipAnswer(layer) function Answer Call
sipBye(layer,session) function Terminate Call
sipInfo(layer,info) function Send SIP Info
sipInvite(layer,url,proxy,realm) function Place Call
sipMessage(layer,msg) function Send Message
sipOptions(layer,options) function Send SIP Options
sipPublish(layer,url,proxy,realm) function Publish
sipRefer(layer,url,proxy,realm) function Refer
sipRegister(layer,url,proxy,realm) function Register
sipSubscribe(layer,url,proxy,realm) function Subscribe
sipTerminate(layer) function Terminate All Calls
tearDown(layer,session) function Terminate Call
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