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Netualizer is a framework that enables Protocol Stack Virtualization (PSV). Specifically, Netualizer is designed to support fast and massive deployment, provisioning and configuration of scenarios that rely on virtualized networking stacks. It is a multi platform and multi architecture infrastructure that relies on Netualizer agents that provide virtualization and Netualizer controllers that deploy them.

Uses of Netualizer are diverse and include (among others):

  • Deployment of end-to-end IoT and RTC scenarios: For example, running a Netualizer agent on an embedded device with sensors and actuators, connected through LoRa or NB-IoT to another Netualizer agent running on a gateway that connects, in turn, to AWS or Azure.
  • Performance evaluation: Check for a particular deployment what the best physical layer is (i.e. NB-IoT? Wi-Fi? LoRa? BLE? IEEE 802.15.4? Ethernet?). Just dynamically change the physical layer of a stack running on a Netualizer agent.
  • Lab to Field: Build very fast and from scratch a media server on a Netualizer agent and evaluate performance by emulating network conditions before deploying it in the field.
  • QA Protocol Emulation: QA department has a media server that they need to test. They can use a Netualizer agent to create a fully automated tester.
  • Research: Validate mathematical models by emulating protocols, stacks and networks
  • Education: Learning about protocol stacks, IoT and RTC
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