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CoAP Layer (coap)

The CoAP layer supports RFC7252: The Constrained Application Protocol (CoAP). A CoAP layer can be placed on top of UDP, TCP, DTLS or TLS layers.

CoAP Layer Configuration Parameters

Parameter Type Description
Alias String
DNS Instance String
Debug Log Level Number Debug Level
Dependencies String Other dependencies to this element
Destination Peer Number
Event Filter String Filter of Event
Exact Match Boolean
Forward List String
Max Event Queue Size Number Maximum Queue Size
Name String Component Name
No Events Boolean
Passthrough Boolean High-to-Low Layer Passthrough
Post Readouts Boolean
Post Value String Value to Post
Raw Data To Inject String Data Packet to Inject
Raw Dst L2 To Inject String Destination L2 Address
Raw Dst L3 To Inject String Destination L3 Address
Raw Dst L4 To Inject String Destination L4 Address
Request Timeout Number
Save Dynamic Config Boolean
Show Commands Boolean Show Commands
Show Data Boolean
Show Events Boolean Show Events
TXT DNS Number
Url String Url Name
Watch Boolean Watch Layer

CoAP Layer Real-Time Parameters

Parameter Type Description
Allow Blocking Event Boolean Blocking Events
Blocked Boolean Disable Component
Debug Log Level Number Debug Level
Max Instances Number Maximum Number of Instances of a Component
Passthrough Boolean High-to-Low Layer Passthrough
Url String Url Name
Watch Boolean Watch Layer

CoAP Layer Functions

Function Type Description
coapGetCode(event) getter Get Code out of Event
coapGetConfirmable(layer,url) function Perform CoAP GET
coapGetConfirmableBlk(layer,url) function Perform Blocking CoAP GET
coapGetConfirmableCancel(layer,url) function Perform CoAP CANCEL
coapGetConfirmableObserve(layer,url) function Perform CoAP GET (observation)
coapGetData(event) getter Get Data out of Event
coapGetNonConfirmable(layer,url) function Perform CoAP GET (non-confirmable)
coapGetNonConfirmableBlk(layer,url) function Perform Blocking CoAP GET (non-confirmable)
coapGetNonConfirmableCancel(layer,url) function Perform CoAP CANCEL (non-confirmable)
coapGetNonConfirmableObserve(layer,url) function Perform CoAP GET (observation, non-confirmable)
coapGetToken(event) getter Get Token out of Event
coapPostConfirmable(layer,url) function Perform CoAP POST
coapPostNonConfirmable(layer,url) function Perform CoAP POST (non-confirmable)
getCoapAckRandomFactor(layer) getter Get “Ack Random Factor” Parameter
getCoapAckTimeout(layer) getter Get “Ack Timeout” Parameter
getCoapAllowBlockingEvent(layer) getter Get “Allow Blocking Event” Parameter
getCoapBlocked(layer) getter Get “Blocked” Parameter
getCoapDebugLogLevel(layer) getter Get “Debug Log Level” Parameter
getCoapDestinationPeer(layer) getter Get “Destination Peer” Parameter
getCoapForwardList(layer) getter Get “Forward List” Parameter
getCoapMaxInstances(layer) getter Get “Max Instances” Parameter
getCoapMaxTransmit(layer) getter Get “Max Transmit” Parameter
getCoapNoEvents(layer) getter Get “No Events” Parameter
getCoapPassthrough(layer) getter Get “Passthrough” Parameter
getCoapPostReadouts(layer) getter Get “Post Readouts” Parameter
getCoapResources(layer) getter Get “Resources” Parameter
getCoapUrl(layer) getter Get “Url” Parameter
getCoapWatch(layer) getter Get “Watch” Parameter
getStatsCoapAvailableInstances(layer) getter Get “Available Instances” Parameter
getStatsCoapDownstreamLastPacket(layer) getter Get “Downstream Last Packet” Parameter
getStatsCoapDownstreamPacketCount(layer) getter Get “Downstream Packet Count” Parameter
getStatsCoapMaxDownstreamDelay(layer) getter Get “Max Downstream Delay” Parameter
getStatsCoapMaxUpstreamDelay(layer) getter Get “Max Upstream Delay” Parameter
getStatsCoapMeanDownstreamDelay(layer) getter Get “Mean Downstream Delay” Parameter
getStatsCoapMeanUpstreamDelay(layer) getter Get “Mean Upstream Delay” Parameter
getStatsCoapMinDownstreamDelay(layer) getter Get “Min Downstream Delay” Parameter
getStatsCoapMinUpstreamDelay(layer) getter Get “Min Upstream Delay” Parameter
getStatsCoapName(layer) getter Get “Name” Parameter
getStatsCoapRateBpsDownstream(layer) getter Get “Rate Bps Downstream” Parameter
getStatsCoapRateBpsUpstream(layer) getter Get “Rate Bps Upstream” Parameter
getStatsCoapTimestampIn(layer) getter Get “Timestamp In” Parameter
getStatsCoapTimestampOut(layer) getter Get “Timestamp Out” Parameter
getStatsCoapType(layer) getter Get “Type” Parameter
getStatsCoapUpstreamLastPacket(layer) getter Get “Upstream Last Packet” Parameter
getStatsCoapUpstreamPacketCount(layer) getter Get “Upstream Packet Count” Parameter
getStatsCoapVarianceDownstreamDelay(layer) getter Get “Variance Downstream Delay” Parameter
getStatsCoapVarianceUpstreamDelay(layer) getter Get “Variance Upstream Delay” Parameter
isEventCoapResponse(event) event Response Event
setCoapAckRandomFactor(layer,value) setter Set “Ack Random Factor” Parameter
setCoapAckTimeout(layer,value) setter Set “Ack Timeout” Parameter
setCoapAllowBlockingEvent(layer,value) setter Set “Allow Blocking Event” Parameter
setCoapBlocked(layer,value) setter Set “Blocked” Parameter
setCoapDebugLogLevel(layer,value) setter Set “Debug Log Level” Parameter
setCoapMaxTransmit(layer,value) setter Set “Max Transmit” Parameter
setCoapNoEvents(layer,value) setter Set “No Events” Parameter
setCoapPassthrough(layer,value) setter Set “Passthrough” Parameter
setCoapPostReadouts(layer,value) setter Set “Post Readouts” Parameter
setCoapUrl(layer,value) setter Set “Url” Parameter
setCoapWatch(layer,value) setter Set “Watch” Parameter
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