L7TR is

IoT _ PSV _ RTC _ AI _ CPS _

IoT _ PSV _ RTC _ Protocols _ AI _ CPS _ Signal Processing _ Edge Computing _ Embedded Design _ Cloud Computing _ Innovation _

a New Hampshire based Engineering and Consulting Company

now introducing VPS+, an agnostic IoT/RTC framework

we build _
high quality products and solutions
  • end-to-end IoT
  • real time communications
  • cyber physical systems
  • signal processing and AI
we know _
embedded/general software/firmware development: application, libraries, SDKs
system validation/verification: industry quality standards
ARM/AMD/AVR, linux/vxWorks/windows/macos/bare-metal

virtualization and containerization

signal/speech/audio/video processing, statistical analysis, conventional and adaptive filtering, detection and estimation, machine learning

communication/networking: IETF layers 1 through 5. protocol development, analysis, emulation, implementation and standardization

IoT/CPS system design: devices, communications, cloud/edge/mist/fog Integration, analytics

VPS+ is _
an agnostic IoT/RTC framework: NB-IoT, LTE-M, LoRa, BLE, IEEE 802.15.4
protocol stack virtualization
fast deployments with cloud and edge integration
massive WPAN/LPWAN IoT support
multi protocol, multi architecture
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